Love between man and dog – My dog ​​knows I love him!

Love between man and dog – My dog ​​knows I love him!

It’s beautiful everywhere, but it’s the most beautiful in your company!

The dog longs to go outside, play and chase, but you are too tired, irritable or sick. With your special intuition, your dog will fully understand you and will not resent you – he loves you and despite everything he feels that you love him too! He will neglect his desires, curl up right next to you, enjoy your company, push you with his snout, put his head in your lap, and watch your every move.

When you leaving from home?

If you pay attention you will notice sadness, spasm, restlessness and uncertainty. Just one look will be enough to understand how much he loves you and how anxious he is about you leaving.

And the moments of rest?

There is no better feeling than when a warm fur ball nests right next to you and puts your head in your lap. Modern soft cots, favorite armchair and sofa are nowhere near as the heat of your curls 🙂 Your dog loves you because you love him too!

He loves to entertain you?

Your dog will always cheer you on with his mischief, make you laugh with all sorts of crazy things, and comfort you with a warm look. Have you ever thought that all these various miracles are done only for you, out of a desire for your attention, out of an effort to cheer you up, out of love for you?

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