Hungry? Make these healthy snacks

Hungry? Make these healthy snacks

Instead of choosing heavier foods, look for snacks that are light on your stomach and that can meet your preference.

Evenings are when we tend to nibble on unhealthy foods, ranging from fried chips to refined biscuits. Not only does it impair our overall health, but it also affects our eating patterns by pushing them forward or leading to midnight hunger pangs. So instead of choosing heavier foods, look for snacks that are light on your stomach and that can satisfy your craving.

Nuts and seeds

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Nuts taste great and are naturally rich in protein, minerals, healthy fats and fiber, and act as an instant energy booster. As such, you can have almonds, peanuts, and nuts. You can also opt for a mix of seeds and nuts and take them in between meals.

Fox nuts

makhana, makhana roasted, breakfast makhana, popcorn, Goddesses festivals, Makhana Roasted Phool Makhana or Crispy Lotus pops.

Fok nuts, popularly known as makhana, are a healthy snack option. A pan with roasted beans topped with a little rock salt and pepper is an ideal substitute for the popcorn to avoid hunger. Also known as euriale ferro or lotus seeds, they make the perfect snack for tea.

Gur chana

A mixture of roasted chickpeas and gur or jaggers is an energy force, in addition to having numerous other health benefits. Regular consumption of gur chan helps prevent tooth decay as it has high phosphorus content.

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